2013: My Gaming Year in Review

It’s 2014, which means it’s time for me to look back at my 2013 gaming exploits. It was a great year for me, but first – the stats!

  • Total plays: 536
  • # of unique games played: 121
  • # of games I played for the first time: 62

So this is the most exciting part of the year for me: hitting all of my goals. It would have been easy to come up with plenty of excuses for not doing so – but thanks for iOS board gaming booming in 2013, I was able to achieve it. My goals were 500+ plays, over 100+ different, and 50-60 new games. Check, check, and check!

Speaking of methods of play:

  • In Person Plays: 352 (66%)
  • Online Plays: 184 (34%)

In all honesty this stat surprised me, especially with how many games I’ve been playing on iOS. It’s important to note I only log games I play with other humans online. I probably got in another 200 or so games against AI opponents. So maybe that counted towards my feeling that I played far less games in person.

Now for the fives and dimes (5-9 plays & 10+ plays):


  1. Ascension – 67
  2. Through The Ages – 53
  3. Words With Friends – 41
  4. Epigo – 35
  5. Race For The Galaxy – 22
  6. Dominion – 18
  7. Quick Civ – 15 (Masquerade Games prototype)
  8. Magic: The Gathering – 13
  9. San Juan – 10

Fives: Cards Against Humanity, Seasons (9) Skyline, 7 Wonders, Le Havre (8) Alien Frontiers, Hanabi (7) Source of the Nile, Carcassone (6) Epigo: The Card Game, Banzai Sumo, Space Alert, The Resistance: Avalon, No Thanks!, Secret Prototype, At The Gates of Loyang, King of Tokyo (5)

So this list is quite longer than last year. Surprises were San Juan and Carcassone – since almost all of the plays of each took place at the World Board Gaming Championships. 5 of the Carcassone plays represents my major gaming achievement of the year: 2nd place @ WBC out of the field of 200+!

For the dimes, the top 4 spots are once again dominated by some of my favorites – which I can play online against top level competition. I was curious, and for these 4 games – 88.2% of my plays were online.

Since I’m on the subject – it’s time to get into performance:

  • Wins in 2 player games: 137 / 281 (48.8%)
  • Wins in 3 player games: 31 / 81 (38.2%)
  • Wins in 4 player games: 22 / 106 (20.8%)
  • Wins in 5 player games: 7 / 31 (22.6%)
  • Wins in 6 or more player games: 4 / 24 (16.7%)

This data was pretty interesting. My numbers are skewed a bit since I track games I teach and don’t play in. I filtered them out when I could. While many of my games are social, I’d like these numbers to be slightly higher. (50%, 33%, 25%, 20%, etc…) I’m in the ballpark – and with some tighter play I’ll get there in 2014.

I wanted to look at things another way though – which reinforced that I’m just off a “win more than I lose” pace:

  • Total # of players in all my games: 1,541
  • Total # of opponents (my plays subtracted): 1,005
  • Total # of players finishing higher than me: 511 (50.8%)

So I wanted to take a look at who I played this year:

  • Unique people I played in 2013: 80*
  • People I met in 2013 through games: 37*

The * is important – since I have a lot of blanks. This happens most often at conventions (especially WBC) where I jump from game to game. The real numbers are most likely double this – so it shows me that I need a better method of tracking who I play with.

I want to start doing some superlative awards for players that play with me…but I’ve realized I will have to reformat my entire data set. Something I don’t have time to do because of other projects.

Well thanks for reading, and happy gaming in 2014!