The Rainy River Bees Trilogy

Each book in the trilogy can be read on their own, but the overarching plot’s more enjoyable if read in order. All of the books are written for a middle-grade audience, with a prime reading age of 8-12 years old.
They cater to kids who enjoy science fiction, sports, and stories about teamwork.

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Book 1: The Intergalactic Adventures of the Rainy River Bees (2017)

The Rainy River Bees are an elite peewee hockey team. Moments after winning a championship, they get abducted by aliens—aliens that love hockey! They rocket across the universe to play in the Intergalactic Hockey Championships, where they face-off against strange aliens with even stranger rules. But what seems to be friendly competition hides a dark secret that puts the entire universe in peril. It’s up to the twelve Bees and their new friends to save the day: and win the tournament!

Book 2: Revenge on the Rainy River Bees! (2019)

Samantha Clayburn doesn’t have a lot to be happy about. Her family is poor, she’s unpopular, and her mom’s boyfriend is a jerk. But at least she has the frozen stream across the street. One Saturday morning, she sneaks out, laces up her ratty old skates, and practices alone. She happens across a pond hockey game with none other than the famous Rainy River Bees. Being invited to play is a dream come true, but it quickly turns into a nightmare.

The Bythrin Dominion have come back for revenge on the Bees for ruining their evil plot to take over the universe during an intergalactic hockey tournament. Sam manages to escape with the Bees and gets wrapped up in a universe-spanning adventure. She gets to visit new galaxies, experience unique civilizations, and uncover clues that point them to a mysterious force with the potential to help them save Earth and defeat the Bythrin once and for all.

Book 3: The Complete Destruction of the Rainy River Bees (2021)

In an isolation cell beneath Iron Mountain Prison, Xeyzo stews in his second defeat. In nearby Rainy River, the Bees savor the fame after saving the Earth a second time. Now they face a new challenge: The Fort Frances Otters. Forced together on a combined team for the high school hockey season, they battle for ice time and bragging rights.

When Xeyzo escapes from prison with the help of an unlikely army, the Bees and Otters must find a way to work together and trust each other. It’s going to take all their strength, smarts and some help from their alien friends. Because this time? Xeyzo won’t stop until the Rainy River Bees are destroyed once and for all.

Other Novels

The Shortcut (2018)

The Shortcut: Enlightenment in a box for only $149.99! Flip the switch & experience nirvana. This was the result of Terrance Gray’s accidental invention: Headphones that harmonize brainwaves and create a state of complete non-thought. None of his retreats to fancy Buddhist monasteries ever brought him close to the enlightenment he achieved with his prototype. With the help of an angel investor he sells enlightenment wholesale and taps into a pent-up demand to bypass desire and escape the trappings of modern society.

Shortcuts start selling by the millions, but not everyone is sold on the benefits of effortless personal transcendence. Terrance finds himself in the crosshairs of a new group, the Unified Unenlightened, who form to prevent the shifting of a global economy dependent on scarcity driven capitalism. Terrance is forced into hiding, where he has to confront a world struggling to adapt to a post-enlightenment world.


Iceless Earth: Episode 1
Rozycki’s Navy (2021)

Eston Rozycki has just inherited his father’s legendary oceanographic company. On his first visit to their secret undersea research base in the North Atlantic Ocean, disaster strikes. Now he and the base’s quirky crew must escape with not only their lives, but all of their secrets too.

Remove This Cup From Me (2016)

A young man is dying of cancer. He comes from a religious culture that rejects technology, but he chooses to help a good friend by testing her new virtual reality game. As he encounters a new reality, the game encounters a unique perspective.

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