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EP 55 – We’re All Dizzy Being Busy

I’ve been struggling to wrap my head around busyness. It seems unavoidable in our current culture. Everyone overworked, stressed out, to the point where they’re virtue signaling about how much is on their plates. This is a problem, and one that I can likely only solve for myself. Busyness fractures my focus, prevents me from achieving greater heights with my thoughts and actions.

Episode Notes (PDF Download)

EP 54 – A Duality Mentality

I’ve been a regular guest on the Code Play Culture podcast. On a recent episode about navigating ideas, around the 39 minute mark, we touched on what it means to consider our current work the last time we would get to create.

On my last episode, #53, I unpacked the mentality of “This is the last…”. On today’s, I’m exploring its opposite: Looking at what creativity, and life more generally, look like with a mentality of “This is the first…”

Reference Links:

Rick Rubin’s incredible book on creativity – The Creative Act: A Way of Being.

Keith Tyson’s sculpture installation Large Field Array

Episode Notes (PDF Download)