EP 4 – Workshop w/Lauren Bilanko: Taking Aim To Publish My Game

Workshops are live working sessions, where I dive deep into a specific problem or focus area alongside a special guest.

Today’s workshop will be relevant to anyone interested in:

  • Publishing & Marketing creative works
  • Self-Publishing
  • Art copyrights, licensing & commissioning
  • Board, Card & Role-Playing Games
  • Product Production & Logistics
  • Retail & Distribution

Lauren Bilanko is the owner of Studio Bilanko and co-founder/owner of the Twenty Sided Store in Brooklyn, NYC.

Today’ workshop kicks off with Lauren’s question:

I’ve built the fictional World of Mira over many projects stretching beyond the past decade. I’ve bootstrapped many experiences in this world, all of which required learning as I go. But I struggle with where to start with all my plans to expand the World. Being on the retailer side of things I have a lot of experience with what a game needs to have in order to sell… but I do not have any experience with working with publishers, distributors, printers, or manufacturers.

Tons of resources in this workshop – all the links are in the Episode Notes (PDF Download)

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