EP 47 – Figment’s Five

I recently returned from a family trip to Disney World. While I enjoyed the trip, it was overshadowed by the tragedies in Israel. I struggled with the juxtaposition between human joy and the knowledge that others elsewhere were suffering horrible atrocities.

These issues were on my mind while waiting in line at the Imaginarium at Epcot. While I waited to introduce the kids to Figment, there was a sign off to the side that struck me. The sign reiterated the core messages of Figment: That we should all Explore, Create, Dream, Imagine, and Inspire.

It’s a challenge to feel creative, to find joy and purpose during difficult times. And these five reminders from Figment struck me as vital ideals. By living them, despite our circumstances and surroundings, we can help create a better world. It’s a message I hope my children never get too jaded to forget.

Episode Notes (PDF Download)