EP 52 – Grandma’s Wishing Nobody’s Phishing

Today’s question:

My mother-in-law recently reacted to a shady text message that was a clear phishing attempt. We cancelled her credit card in time, but I worry this won’t be the last time, because she’s not great with tech. Do you have any advice on how I can help her better recognize and understand these threats, while also limiting her exposure to them?

Phishing – A form of social engineering where a cyber threat actor poses as a trustworthy colleague, friend, or organization. Their goal is luring out sensitive information or network access. Lures can include emails, text messages, or even phone calls. If successful, they can gain access to more than just the target’s information. It could be access to a larger network, organizations they’re part of, and future third party targets. Victims can experience data or service loss, identity fraud, malware infection, ransomware, monetary loss, impacted reputation, and more.

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