EP 27 – Managing The Middle: Building Walls While The House Is On Fire

The Managing The Middle series offers advice on serving as a better bridge between the divides within our organizations, societies, and lives.

It’s the kind of advice I would have benefitted from when I started managing projects and people in my twenties. The series is also intended as a counter to polarization and extremism, an aide to embracing the shades of gray between issues.

Today I’m focusing on one of my favorite sayings: It’s hard to build walls when the house is on fire.

It’s meant to capture a specific tension: Balancing the building of meaningful, substantial things that matter (such as systems, tools or products), against the constant barrage of modern life (unplanned problems, constant interruptions, mundane tasks & demands on our time)

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🤖 AI Statement: All elements of this episode are products of the author, Chris Kreuter, and created without the use of AI tools.