EP 49 – Quit My Job or Show More Grit?

Today’s question:

I’m in my mid-twenties and a professional in the medical field. I love what I do and its importance to society. But it’s an incredibly demanding field. I’m currently dealing with a short-staffed organization, exhausting shifts, and a manager who emotionally drains me. During a recent vacation, they went so far as to call me just to make me feel guilty for taking time off.

My qualifications are in high demand, and by all rights I should quit to take advantage of the current job market. Yet I feel guilty about the impact that would have on my co-workers and the clients I care for. What advice do you have on dealing with the anguish & anxiety that I’m feeling?

Nobody should feel anguish or animosity at work. At least not on a daily basis. But you are right to check yourself, especially when it can lead to a career & lifestyle altering decision. Is what you’re experiencing a case of organizational toxicity you should leave, or a sign you might lack the grit the job requires?

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